Creating meaningful keepsake jewelry with one-of-a-kind beads and handmade components. 

Napa Barrel Bead Company transforms the Valley's iconic wine barrels into unique relics that capture the luxuriance and artisan culture of the Napa Valley. 

"A truly unique, wearable keepsake from the unforgettable Napa Valley."

At Napa Barrel Bead Company, wine barrels are carefully disassembled and beads are selectively cut from the individual barrel staves.

The characteristics of each bead reveals where it originated from in the wine barrel.


A dark wine-stained surface on the bead indicates that it was created with an inner portion of the barrel stave and was kissed by the wine as it aged.


A light-colored bead came from the oak on the outer edge of the barrel, maintaining a more natural, rustic appearance.


A gradient effect on the bead exposes the extent to which the wine soaked into the barrel. This bead originated from the beautiful edge of the barrel stave.

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