Sentimental is my middle name. I love creating functional keepsakes from places I've visited that I hold close to my heart. I want to share that joy with those who visit the Napa Valley and fall in love with its beauty and artisan culture.

Life's path has led me back to the area and I have been drawn to pursue my passion for creativity and love for sharing beauty with others. I have found a way to do that by repurposing Napa wine barrels into keepsake jewelry!

My name is Rebecca Parker, but I go by Becca, or Becky, or Ree....I'll answer to just about anything. :-) I was born and raised in the Napa Valley and have returned with an even greater appreciation for the beauty of my hometown. 

Rebecca Parker

I left Napa at 17 for the Air Force where I would become a Jet Engine Mechanic on the C-130 at Dyess AFB, Texas. I must admit, my favorite part of working on the engines was the safety wiring required on each bolt, cannon plug, and screw that was replaced on the engine. There was an art to it. It only made sense when I picked up the jeweler's wire and felt so comfortable working with it.

My college education earned while in the Air Force was in Aviation and Business, but I have found that the most valuable education has come from just getting out there and doing it. Whatever it may be. I try to honor my curiosity about the world through research and observation and take a class every now and then to try and better myself. Most of the time, I'm a self-taught, want-to-figure-it-out-myself-so-I-really-get-it type of person. Not always the easiest way, but somehow the most satisfying!

I met my husband in the Air Force and we have two caring and spirited boys.  The Air Force would take us to live in Germany and then back to Travis AFB, California. After my enlistment in the Air Force, I spent some years as a Stay-at-Home Mother… quite literally the hardest job on the planet. Hands down. But oh so glad I was able to. When they got a bit older, I worked in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry at Genentech. One day I realized that I wasn't living true to myself and needed to make a change.

My intuition nudged me and a decision was made. (That's not easy for a left-handed Libra! Ha!) Handmade Jewelry and Teaching kept speaking to me. I went back to school to get my teaching credential and I substitute teach in the meantime while making jewelry!


So here I am, beginning my journey into the world of handmade jewelry and I haven't looked back! Well… a couple of times because that’s what left-handed Libras do!  I am so happy to be making and sharing beauty with others.


Thank you for reading my story! I hope you enjoy what you see in my shop!

The Cabernet Signature Bracelet

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